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  • Lumbar Extender – User Guidelines and Instructions


    Lumbar Extender – User Guidelines

    Please read the following guidelines before using the Lumbar Extender. Following these guidelines will help maximize benefits and reduce risk of injury or discomfort.

  • Spine-Worx

    spineworx spine alignment device

    The Shape Your Back Should Be In If you are suffering from back pain, it could be from a misaligned spine. The Spine-Worx device could be the answer ¬†your prayers! Inexpensive and easy to use, the Spine-Worx is a natural back support system designed by a doctor and spinal expert. In fact — The Spine-Worx […]

  • The Lumbar Extender FAQ


    Just What is the Lumbar Extender? The Lumbar Extender is an easy to operate, convenient preventative care product that allows people from all walks of life to reap benefits such as: Improved Posture, Reduced Back Pain, and Enhanced Flexibility.